About Bristow Wedd Solicitors

BWS means Bristow Wedd Solicitors.


Steve Wedd offers you excellence.


I represent people accused of criminal offences.


I am based in Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom.


Every law firm website offers you the best lawyers.


Every law firm website guarantees perfect service.


No website can guarantee results.




I specialise in criminal law. I deal with every sort of criminal allegation from traffic offences through to murder, sexual offences and serious fraud.


I am based in the City of Brighton and represent clients across the UK.

I accept payment of fees by bank transfers or by credit or debit card - just ask

contact details for us

Steve Wedd

 07 802802 539




Paula Bristow

077 88 99 0154



 Paula Bristow          Higher Court Advocate                                                                                                                                               Steve Wedd         Higher Court Advocate