DVPO - Domestic Violence Protection Order

DVPO representation for my fixed fee of £600 - including vat.


Are you facing a DVPO?  If you are, then you need me to help you defend it.  A DVPO is a Domestic Violence Protection Order, and if you've got one coming it's coming fast.  You'll get the notice today and you're in court tomorrow defending it.  I can help you. 


You may not know that if a DVPO is made against you, and if you breach it, there is a maximum penalty of £50 a day or two months imprisonment for the breach.


There is no legal aid for a DVPO, so you either have to do it yourself with your legal knowledge – or use my specialist legal help.  I am always ready and always available to help you defend an application made against you for a DVPO.  I charge a fixed fee of £600 including VAT - which covers everything through from your first call to court hearing.

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