Steve Wedd

I qualified as a solicitor in 1984, which give me over thirty years of practice in Sussex in criminal law.  I am in the courts local to you or in London daily dealing with every aspect of crime. 


You’re interested in my professional abilities – that's why you’re reading this.  I am, like Paula, a Crown Court advocate, spending the majority of my working time in the police stations and the Crown Court here in Sussex and in London.  I have done every trial, from illegal parking and speeding, up to rape, conspiracy, fraud, assault, and theft.  If you’re accused of it, I've dealt with it. 


No one writes their biog for their website claiming to be second best.  Therefore, like any write up, take this lot with a pinch of salt, and try me out for yourself.  Ask your family and friends what they made of me, and let real life assessments by people you trust guide you. 


Amongst other things, I hold the CPC in Transport Operations, qualifying me to be a Transport Manager for truck operations.  I am licensed to drive artics, coaches, and motorcycles, and bicycles. 


I was the founding Hon. Secretary of the CLSA, the premier club for criminal solicitors, and I led it for twenty years.  For fifteen years, I ran the duty solicitor scheme in Brighton, holding the duty solicitor registration number 33 in England and Wales.  



You want to choose your lawyer, based on your experience or the recommendations of trusted friends.  Call me. 




I defended TN in Lewes Crown Court on a charge of GBH. His defence was that he had to defend himself against a group of others confronting him, and punched once to help himself. After three days of evidence, the Jury found in his favour and acquitted him.

I successfully defended XT in his trial at Brighton Magistrates Court on 12 September for speeding and failing to notify driver. He could not read and write and said that he did not understand the letter that the police sent to him asking who had been driving when speeding. The Clerk asked me why I was there 'for speeding?' Reply - nothing is too unimportant, and if it matters to an old client and his family, and they can't cope by themselves, then I turn out for them.

I defended TL in Southwark Crown Court over ten weeks - forty days. I led Justin Rivett from Warrens Law & Advocacy, Eastbourne, to whom I give my thanks and commendation.


The Police accused TL of defrauding clients in a solicitors firm to the tune of £900k, by draining clients money from client account into his pocket and the pockets of his partner FD. He says that he did not know about what was happening. TL was convicted. 

I was led by Simon Russell-Flint QC in the murder trial of NK at Lewes Crown Court. NK was accused of stalking and murdering his girlfriend. He denied the charge and after a three week trial, was that he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, with a tariff of 25 years.

email from family of NK
'Dear Loretta, Steve and Paula
We just wanted to write and thank you for all you have done for N over the last 6 months or so.  We know it was an uphill battle and you have truly done your best for him.
You all have supported us through this nightmare and we won't ever forget your kindness to us especially these last few weeks.  
Steve, your communication throughout the trial was exceptional and it will be strange not seeing you every day and getting back to 'normal' life.
With kind regards
T & H'

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