I just don't understand what my lawyer is saying

All lawyers - solicitors like me, or barristers, even judges, sometimes use language that confuses non-lawyer participants in the justice system - you. It's not their fault.


It may be because they are busy, or because they assume that you have knowledge that is inbred in them, or they may just be using shorthand that they expect you to know. 


Entering into any sort of litigation can generate anxiety and lack of comprehension - especially in criminal law, where you don't even want to be on the field.


Lawyers can sometimes be like doctors, using phrases and concepts that is daily stuff for them but which goes over your head. I'm the same – I sometimes glaze over when my doctor tells me things about my body and I have to go and look it up afterwards to make sure about what I heard and what it means and what I need to do next. This doesn't make me thick and it doesn't mean that my doctor is a medical genius – it just means I can be overwhelmed with the amount of scientific medical information I'm being given in a short appointment. I just want reassurance. 


With that in mind, I am happy to offer you an explanation of what your lawyer is saying to you.


  • I can decode the phrases that your lawyer is using and the concepts behind them.
  • I can tell you why they're doing what they're doing.
  • I can explain what the other players in the litigation are doing and why, and what may happen next. 
  • I can give you information that your solicitor may not.
  • I can tell you what questions to ask of your lawyer. 
  • I can listen to every part of what you say, including the bits that you may have seen where your solicitor on the record shuts you up. 
  • If we talk, its confidential from everyone - your family, your employer, your solicitor, your barrister. 
  • Its deep background stuff to help you. I don't exist. 
  • I cannot and will not help you lie or pervert the course of justice. 
  • Just ring me.


This does not mean that I'm taking over the case from them – just means that I'm a friendly (I hope approachable) listener who can use everyday language which may help you understand what you're being told. I won't get in the way of your lawyers doing their job but I may help may be able to help you understand what they are doing and why.


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