Testimonials from satisfied Clients - should have them stuffed

I defended TN in Lewes Crown Court on a charge of GBH. His defence was that he had to defend himself against a group of others confronting him, and punched once to help himself. After three days of evidence, the Jury found in his favour and acquitted him.

from SL - 'Dear Steve

Thank you for your help yesterday, you turned a potential traumatic experience into a simple nightmare. One from which I awoke today with a shopping list I am currently working through.

Once this is done, I will contact you for counsel as per your terms letter

Your time is precious, I shall keep this brief but my gratitude is overflowing

Best wishes

Sent from my iPad

from SQ - ''Thanks for all your help Steve

You were magic.'

I successfully defended XT in his trial at Brighton Magistrates Court on 12 September for speeding and failing to notify driver. He could not read and write and said that he did not understand the letter that the police sent to him asking who had been driving when speeding. The Clerk asked me why I was there 'for speeding?' Reply - nothing is too unimportant, and if it matters to an old client and his family, and they can't cope by themselves, then I turn out for them.

I defended TL in Southwark Crown Court over ten weeks - forty days. I led Justin Rivett from Warrens Law & Advocacy, Eastbourne, to whom I give my thanks and commendation.


The Police accused TL of defrauding clients in a solicitors firm to the tune of £900k, by draining clients money from client account into his pocket and the pockets of his partner FD. He says that he did not know about what was happening. TL was convicted. 

from DE - 'I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks again for your work on behalf of P (and me and his mother) earlier today.


Your involvement was very welcome and brought positivity and clarity to a very difficult situation. I realise that P is exceptionally fortunate to only have received cautions for what he did and I am deeply grateful for your part in that. We will try our best to make P understand the gravity of his actions and how important it is for him to learn a massive lesson from today.  DE'

from ND - 'Morning Steve, just wanted to thank you for your support yesterday - way beyond the minimum needed - very much appreciated.'

from BQ -


Dear Paula and Steve,


thanks for all that you did for me, I am very grateful for your hard work and patience.  With my very best wishes'  BQ  15.10.2015

from CR - "Hi gaffer thank you for everything you have done, not just for me but for family you and Paula are the best hope you're all good Mr Wedd"

from GT (accused of rape) - 'Steve, I don't have words to describe how thankful I am for all your help. You were amazing, thank you so much for all your patience with me. You are such an incredible professional. Thank you so much.' 3.12.2015.  


Plus, later - 'Good Morning Steve, I would like to know if you already have my stuff from the police and how much I have to send you for the post [to send to client]'.

from ND (firearms) -

'Good morning Steve,

Thank you for your letter of the 3rd Dec. I think the proposal that you

take a witness statement from F is far preferable to subjecting him

to the stress of a Police interview.


I  remain concerned however, at the possible consequences on his mental

health - effectively being asked to re-live the events of the [date].

I can only rely on your discretion should he become distressed.' 5.12.2015

from Father MJ 21.10.15

from DM
'I fear that I also contributed to the confusion this morning. However, to judge by the way that you initially handled my call, if ever I need an advocate to defend me on an alcohol charge, your name will immediately come to mind. 
I shall look forward to my visit next week.
D'     5.1.2016

'Dear Steve,

I wanted to drop you a quick line from K and myself to thank you for ALL you did on the 6th January for us at Brighton magistrates.A fulsome letter to follow. Hope January is prosperous so far. With our thanks & best wishes.

'Thank you Steve for everything you have done for me it means so much to me you are a great solicitor and barrister if I ever know anybody that needs legal help you will be the first person that I call and if I ever need legal help again you will be the first person I call thank you very much it means so much to me my boyfriend also thanks you Steve for saving me from a prison sentence.' BD 18.5.16

Hi Steve,
'Just thought I would drop you an email to say many thanks again for representing me in my case.  So glad that N heard your name mentioned around a dinner meeting about how good you are in your field of works.


I found you an honest and genuine man, who dealt with the case superbly, straight talking and someone to trust in the way you went about your business.


I can't thank you enough, when I was down and out you picked me up and gave me the strength to deal with the horrible issues I was facing. I'm just getting back to normal I think, been hard and slow as it still sticks in the back of your head, and pops up every now and then, the horrible thoughts and situations I went through.


In my eyes you are a credit to your profession, and my family and I thank you ever so much
Regards TQ'

email 10.8.16

email 13 January 2017 from Mrs TL - 'Dear Steve,
Before the verdicts, I would very much like to thank you for all your hard work, patience and kind consideration. To have stepped in at the last moment and done so remarkably well has been of great comfort to both of us. The calm and utmost professional way you have dealt with everything has given us strength and confidence and, whatever the outcome, I feel T could not have had a better legal team. Thank you for believing in us. The last four years have been a nightmare because, as you know, we have had to cope with all the stress of my civil case against [Ts co-defendant] in addition to this.
Also, the strain over the last few days of waiting while the jury are out has been almost intolerable. I have a day off on Monday and will probably come to court even though T has suggested I don’t. I so want to support him but from Tuesday it may be difficult. I do not really want to take anymore time off work, even though my manager has been very supportive and I have been able to take annual leave at short notice. There is also the added cost of travel, which I am sure you will appreciate.
I also wrote to Justin a few days ago. T has been so fortunate to have had you both helping him. I hope you have a good weekend. It cannot have been easy for you either, staying in town ,especially on your birthday, when it would have been nicer to have been with your  family. Thank you again.
With kindest regards
Mrs TL'

email from clients father, 6/11/17

Dear Mr Wedd,

I wanted to write to thank you for the very professional way in which you represented my daughter at the weekend. You did a marvellous job and the result achieved was truly excellent.


After we left the police station, I explained to N that she was fortunate to have had such an experienced practitioner allocated to her case. She too sends her thanks.


As well as a first class service, you waited with her for a considerable time until we arrived to collect her. In doing so, you made the whole experience less traumatic for her and ensured that she left custody with her good name intact.

Kindest regards

from another lawyer, whom I have never met, but who shares an egroup with me -


You also drew a complimentary comment (see below) from Steve Wedd, who is more often referred to as the Rottweiler/Pit Bull of the defence solicitors world! 

High praise indeed! 😃



sent from David Fanson (dfanson@sansburydouglas.co.uk)

from ST - 

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your email and help so far....and of course your colleague Raye Fielding - who was both charming and very helpful and reassuring to me whilst in custody. I was grateful for his expert help and warm personality. It's such a relief when you realise someone is here to help you when in custody.
Things appear to be moving quite quickly; [case details edited out].  I am happy to pay your fees if it means I will be better represented as I do not want to be charged unnecessarily - especially if X is not wanting to press charges. I don't really want to be further questioned by the Police alone. 
I would like to consult you if possible before the next bail date: Please can you let me know what your charges are via email so that I can budget for your ongoing representation for me.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards,
ST 29.10.2015

from ND (firearms) -

'Morning Steve, just wanted to thank you for your support yesterday - way beyond the minimum needed - very much appreciated.

I must also tell you that I don't normally drive like a cretin; I thought I was having a heart attack when I got home....my nurse tells me I should have cancelled the interview. I had a not uncommon reaction to the flu jab etc

Hope to hear from you shortly. ND'  11.11.2015

from ND (as above) -

'Hi Steve,
Just spoken to PC G they are dropping all fire arms related charges...two illegal weapons will be destroyed - otherwise the Firearms Officer will be in touch regarding other issues .... security etc.
I think the correct result.  So, many thanks for your help. You are a star!
p.s. Boxing Day Lunch from 1.00 if you feel like a trip out to the country! Bring whoever!'



Steve Wedd secures rape acquittal for Playboy Butcher

Steve represented MT, who was accused of three counts of raping the niece of a global superstar. After a four day trial at Lewes Crown Court, the man was acquitted on all three charges.


At the centre of the case was an allegation that MT had spiked the woman's drink with Rohypnol, a well-known date rape drug. Following submissions from Steve, the jury took 1 hour and 12 minutes to acquit.  19.5.16

From Playboy Butcher case - 

'Steve - Just a quick note to formally say bloody well done and thank you for your work this week. M was always happy how you conducted the case both prior and during trial. Both T and I knew, as much as anyone possibly can,  M was not a rapist and in the end justice won. Also, you made T and I feel confident to put in our ‘two penny’s worth’  – sincerely appreciated.


Again many thanks and I hope our paths cross again but not in quite the same way!!  Regards.  E

from XD after I got his car released from police custody
'Dear Steve,
Thank you very much again for the help. I am very happy with the work.
Best regards, X'
email 26.9.16
from JR [internal memo to my instructing solicitors] - 'I just wanted let everyone know that Steve made the closing speech in the TL case today and he was absolutely brilliant. He was congratulated by all of the other counsel and has outshone all the others.
The client said that he had done a great job and couldn't be happier (he is a solicitor) so credit where credit is due he has demonstrated that he was well deserving of this difficult and challenging case.
The purpose of this email is to reassure you all when instructing him you that the client is in safe and capable hands. 
Credit where credit is due and if I didn't say it no one would know!
So well done Steve!'
email 4.1.17

email from Mrs TL, 30.1.17

'Dear Steve,
T called me yesterday and he asked me to thank both you and Justin. He seems to be coping and I am visiting on Thursday. He is still in HMP.
Steve, like you , he thought his sentence was appealable but I do not know how we go about that. He was also thinking that if he went to Lewes Prison visiting may be a bit easier. Again, it is a waiting game and communication is very slow and , mostly, one sided.
There is also the chance of a nine month reduction in his sentence if he goes back but then he would want to return fairly quickly 
Again, my thanks to you both. It is simply a ghastly situation but we are both doing our best and trying to remain positive and looking forward to a better future one day.
Kind regards,

email from GQ, 17.3.18

Hey Steve,
Just wanted to drop you a email to express my thanks and gratitude to all the help and stuff you've done for N in his case and trial. I know you must hear this a lot but you really are the best at your job. You even make sure your clients partners are ok and give them hugs if they are upset which I have been on 2 occasions now. I know that whatever happens on Friday, N had the best person fighting his corner for him and for that im forever grateful.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will always recommend you.
GQ (NI's Fiance)

KH - careless driving acquittal, Brighton Magistrates Court July 2018

'Having been warned by someone in the know that ineffectual defence solicitors could be found in abundance, I set about finding, through personal contacts, a law practice that would do an effective job in defending me against a driving charge. My enquiries led to Bristow, Wedd and the services of Steve Wedd himself.


Steve set about my defence with the utmost professionalism using modern technology coupled with forensic skill to reveal the weaknesses in the prosecution case. His cross examination of the main prosecution witness was relentless leading to his exposure as being both ignorant of the Highway Code and unreliable as an individual.


Steves attention to detail and preparation of case papers to assist the Court with its assessment of the allegation was meticulous.


Before the trial had commenced, Steve had requested, successfully, that I be allowed to sit behind him in the court rather than standing in the dock. Having obtained my acquittal, he then obtained my costs from the Court.


Bristow, Wedd is a thoroughly professional practice and is recommended without reservation.'

I was led by Simon Russell-Flint QC in the murder trial of NK at Lewes Crown Court. NK was accused of stalking and murdering his girlfriend. He denied the charge and after a three week trial, was that he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, with a tariff of 25 years.

contact details for us

Steve Wedd

 07 802802 539




Paula Bristow

077 88 99 0154



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