Longish trial ends in hung jury for my defendant

I represented NN at Inner London Crown Court from 13.6.16 to 27.7.16, before HH J Madge.  My lay client was the fifth of five defendants on trial in an extortion and torture case with eight counts for the jury to consider.


After 27 days of evidence, the jury retired for 5.5 days and after being given a majority direction, returned verdicts on the first three defendants. My bloke was acquitted of possessing a firearm, and acquitted of threatening to kill one of the victims. On all the other six counts, the jury was unable to resolve verdicts.


As I write this note today, I am about to set off to the same courtroom to see if the Prosecution want to have the case retried. If you're still reading, watch this space.


The latest on this case is that the prosecution is going ahead again, now in January 2016

KH - careless driving acquittal, Brighton Magistrates Court July 2018

'Having been warned by someone in the know that ineffectual defence solicitors could be found in abundance, I set about finding, through personal contacts, a law practice that would do an effective job in defending me against a driving charge. My enquiries led to Bristow, Wedd and the services of Steve Wedd himself.


Steve set about my defence with the utmost professionalism using modern technology coupled with forensic skill to reveal the weaknesses in the prosecution case. His cross examination of the main prosecution witness was relentless leading to his exposure as being both ignorant of the Highway Code and unreliable as an individual.


Steves attention to detail and preparation of case papers to assist the Court with its assessment of the allegation was meticulous.


Before the trial had commenced, Steve had requested, successfully, that I be allowed to sit behind him in the court rather than standing in the dock. Having obtained my acquittal, he then obtained my costs from the Court.


Bristow, Wedd is a thoroughly professional practice and is recommended without reservation.'

I was led by Simon Russell-Flint QC in the murder trial of NK at Lewes Crown Court. NK was accused of stalking and murdering his girlfriend. He denied the charge and after a three week trial, was that he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, with a tariff of 25 years.

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